An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

Load rating for a vehicle gets adjusted by the different options additions. A diesel engine is a lot heavier than the V8 gas burner. Then add the 4wd front axle and transfer case. Screw cab reqires a longer wheel base and extra weight. These all come off the GCWR figure. Now he added a big camper that MT approached the limit. Hanging motorcycles off the back just added a pile of weight out past the fulcrum point, the rear axle center line. To top it all off, in the original post it is stated that the road is a bit rough. Not quite like washboard, lower frequency. This sets up bending stres
2012 Ram 3500 for sale, on FB Marktplace, near me with 434,000 miles. Has a broken frame as shown in Picture below. Looks like a clean break. Maybe a weak spot in the frame right at the hole? Plus a diesel pulling hard in low gear with say a 4.10 axle puts a huge up twist on the frame at the front spring hanger.....

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My 99 Chev Silverado broke the frame both sides just in front of the rear spring hanger. The frame has a similar oval hole in the vertical side rail. In line with that there is a 1" hole in the top and bottom of the frame. What the truck was used for before I got it I cannot be certain. I did have to install a trailer brake controller to tow my car trailer. When driving with a load I always slowed down. Obviously these are a weak spot on all makes. Then you throw in the calcium chloride they pour on the roads these days for icy conditions, corrodes the steel bodies like battery acid.