An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

Sales personnel will say anything to get the signature. Too many people towing or carrying much more than the vehicle should. Slowing down a bunch helps.
I worked at a RV dealer for a bit. Can not get my head wrapped around who would decide at the manufacturer to put lights inside hanging down in a trailer. Then you have the brain inhibited that head to the lake down a gravel road and its potholes at 75 to 80MPH. Then they want warranty when the lights break loose.
You just can not fix stoopid!
I can guarantee you if I were the person putting rig together I would have gotten written affidavits from both the truck dealer and the camper dealer stating the combination would work

And if the would refuse to sign those, well that would tell me all I need to know about that particular combination