340 questions

Guy from my town bought a brand new 1969 340 cuda- s notch a56 i thnk is the twin scoops
bracket raced it for 25 years before having a stroke 10 plus trophies in his basement i bought a 4.56 pumpkin from him 1985 he woudnt sell the 4.30s
he said ive tried every combo over 20 years cams gears intakes carbs he settled on
stock cam advanced
tarantula intake
700 dp
stock exhaust car was quiet as a mouse
10 inch wide street 50s
not even a shift kit
13.1 dial in
13.1 104 105 over and over again
sometimes less is more
shows how much a good carb helps a 340 and a good tune 13.1 pretty much stock through exhaust manifolds hard to argue with dps rule
everyone seems to hate the tarantula and the torker
I liked my torker 340 with spray drove fine without it still have it sentimental reasons atleast