Port my current M1 single plane or install the RPM Air Gap?

In the episode of engine masters being discussed, season 6 episode 102, called 5.9 magnum intake shootout, Richard Holdener ran the dyno as Brule was out of town. The episode was not sponsored by any of the vendors of parts used in the show. That alone should tell you no one has anything to gain by altering numbers in any way. I also have met, talked to a bunch, and loaned parts for dyno testing to Richard Holdener on a few occasions and I can tell you he is just as honest about dyno numbers as Brule is. Last thought, if anyone comes on here and says the M1 dual plane is better in any way (other than hood clearance) than an edlebrock rpm air gap, that person is full of it and hasn’t done any kind of real world testing at all. We all know the air gap is pretty much the industry standard as far as dual planes go. @jimjimjimmy you should pay closer attention, it wasn’t 30 better. Below are the results.