Rings won’t fit in grooves on pistons.. HELP!

I knew a fellow that had a basement full of piston blanks. Made pistons to order. How do you think those grooves got there in the first place? Not debating this, there are different ways to an end goal.
Cutting ring lands in new pistons, is practical,obviously.
Recutting all the lands in a piston you can easily get rings for is not very practical.
But, if it was Sunday morning, you had a lathe, had the rings , weren't concerned about the friction increase from those bigger rings and just wanted to get the engine going, then I can understand why you'd give it a whirl.
I machined the inside face of some rings for a guy once so they would go into some shallow ring lands. Apparently the correct rings were not available and he didn't want to machine the piston lands.
That's what he wanted, so that's what I did. I didn't charge him, because I was interested in what the result would be.