David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

Like watching people sculpt with feces. 240 CFM is weak. The numbers are only competing/ comparable to even older 360 heads of which numbers are considered already weak as well. ..meanwhile doing the same work to those puts them 20-40+ cfm better at every lift. Plain old crap vs expensive crap. Gold plated turds...if they didnt crack before..they will after all that work was done and their put into performance duty.
"Only 240cfm from that tiny head" ..
..the snidely one says.
Reality knocks and whispers..
"No butt nugget...you just mined an iron head to the size of an already existing head -aka the magnum head..and you're even larger than it now too."

Charles absolutely did say he..
"would have chosen a different head had I known how poorly they flowed"
end quote.
Subtle signs of folks telling you they know about something when in actuality they are pulling it from others literature, videos,forums,even utg AS THEY GO.. if he worked them in the 80's he would know quite well what they flowed. It's either.. dont know or ego that's come to play.

You're bragging on someone elses curtails, you meant for debate..but not the quality kind... more like the self entertaining version of antagonistic little guy complex.

Don’t you love fools who think they are moderators and tell people to go to other threads?

Arrogant morons. That’s why all three down under blunders are on ignore.