David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

You've got your head porting sticky, why don't you go back and roost there? Don't want to share the spotlight?
Dude, let it go.
Better still, why don't you tell us all again how you harassed some guys into some shenanigans one weekday afternoon on a traffic filled freeway, and get yourself banned again?
Are you jealous or just envious... I Can't figure it out..or care to.
I do know you're on one hand saying to stay on topic, like the other sceen name as well.. yet you're bringing up some other thread as if it's relevant to the topic.. which is not about porting 302 heads.. it's about building a 318 engine and that just happens to be one of the parts involved in it. I swear..lol if you liked that connecting rod up your keister as much as you like that 302 head up there.. you would be saying this topic was about those connecting rods.
They can make some power after you put 'a couple grands time' port/valve work into them..but ultimately they aren't going to make 9's or support any 4" arm motors full potential...so that limits usage and puts them in a small box...318 or less cid unless your building a truck motor and aim for mpg's ...now remember the comment about CFM battle... that's all you're doing. That's you buddy... caught up in a flow number.
"Tiny port flows 240 cfm"
Let's break that down..
"Tiny port"=actually @/over 150cc now
"240 cfm"= what a bowl blended 1.88 j head does.

Not much wow factor left after it reaches the same size as a better flowing head. No more tiny, tiny.