David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

Really think the 3 guys doing this 318 ported 302 head engine build, should do it with all mopar parts. 340 cam is fine.

No offset grind on the crank, no overbore on the cylinders, no aftermarket pistons, no LS valves, no angle grinding the head.


Brian's 318 pictured here is built with all mopar parts, it is pushing an easy 300 horse power.

Stock spec '69 318 short block, stock bore, stock 9.2:1 cr pistons, stock free floating light rods, and stock crank, stock oil pump, thin .028 ths head gaskets, mopar 340 cam.

Stock Spec Reman 302 heads, stock size valves, with 3 angle valve job, no port work except for gasket matching the 302 heads to the intake manifold.

Stock A body exhaust manifolds, gasket matched to 302 heads. With 2 1/2" TTI exhaust system.

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Would be real easy to put the 2 barrel adapter on his intake manifold and run the stock style 2 barrel carb on it to see what kind of power it makes vs the 4 bbl.

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Need to find a shop with a wheel dyno next Summer and do some testing, and see the results.


Unreal. You do realize that build doesn’t FIT the “mission improbable” outline laid out by UT don’t you?

Yet you keep posting it. BTW I asked you before because you keep talking like it matters so I’ll ask again.

How much power is there in those “lightweight” rods with floating pins?

Venture a guess for me.