David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

Good grief. The last statement sums it ALL up.

Time IS money.

They are mentally masturbating.

The sad thing is (like I always say) guys are watching this idiocy and they will try and copy it.

A second year engine builder could make more power for less money and WAY less time.

Of course, his HP/CFM wouldn’t be acceptable to the guys who THINK they are Pro Stock level engine builders but really are nothing more than lawn mower service techs.

It’s sad really.
Why would you think, that anyone would give a crap, about what you think they should do with their own time?
How many times does it have to be explained to you why it's being done the way it is?
Are you just that ignorant, or just a broken record?
It's America right? People can do whatever they like in their spare time. Get over it.