David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

I just noticed the guy that said maybe we should do a slant six build!
In Australia we have the excellent 265 Hemi Six and slant sixes are still plentifull.
Nobody modifies slant sixes as they just go to a Hemi six as they are capable of making twice the power for very moderate cost as performance parts for these motors are becoming more available all the time.
Stroker cranks are being produced, alloy heads are available as are roller bearing camshafts etc.
N/A aspirated engines are making north of six hundred HP and turbo engines are making over one thousand HP.
Combine that with the Ford barra turbo engines and we do show a special love fir our six cylinder engines!
When it comes to sixers, you Ausies get all the cool stuff :)