440 cam

Building a 1973 duster drag car. Looking to get a cam for my .030 over 440 engine. Drag racing only. 1970 block, stock forged Crank, stock rods, Icon forged flat top Pistons running edelbrock performer rpm heads(not porting them as of right now) 75cc with an M1 intake.Running 1.6 ratio Harland sharp rockers. And a 950 cfm Holley xp carb. Looking to get a solid flat tappet cam or solid roller that would work good with my combo and something that's in stock as well. I don't know much about cams and what good brands are trying to put the engine together asap. Any input would be appreciated.
You need to talk to a cam manufacturer with your combination and they will get you the right one. This is not the parts wanted forum if you are looking to buy one here. I removed that from your first post. I will also move this thread to the big block forum from the General discussion forum. You may get more traffic there.