hughes rockers

TD makes a very good rocker arm but not really necessary unless you're All out racing with for example a 440-1 in the head or something at a high level otherwise Harlan Sharp talk to Randy while I'm on this note anybody running solid lifter cam big block application as we all know lifters suggestions can be all over the place I can tell you from many testing sessions do not run pushrod oiling lifters unless you have pushed oiling you will lose oil pressure and lose pressure from the rod bearings my suggestion for Street application is still the Comp cams 829 - 16 I would not hammer on this lifter too hard keep an eye on it if you want to step up get the 96- 829- 16 this lifter has a very thin oil band that does not lose oil pressure in the lifter galley on a stock block it does not have oil holes in the side of the body like advertised there are two oil holes in this lifter right down inside the pushrod cup area there is a small hole drilled in each side of the pushrod cup area to allow oil to flow down to the axle it's a good design I've used it a few times Comp cams if you call them they won't know anything unfortunately since they're part of Edelbrock and other things now they've lost the ability to go to the shelf and actually pull apart and look at it unlike other lifter manufacturers like bam lifters Brad Miller makes a good lifter bam lifters but you better have a bushed block or you will lose oil pressure if you use a stock big block 383 400 440 application that also goes with some of the other aftermarket solid roller lifters by Esky and other companies that have a real wide oil band and EDM holes drilled in the side of the body of the lifter especially with pushrod oiling if you don't have pushrod oiling which most big block mopars do not do not run a pushrod oiling lifter a lot of people will be argue this subject I test these motors on a regular basis