hughes rockers

I ran the Harland sharps with the B 3 kit to correct the scrub. Worked fine for 6 years about 200 plus passes. There was some interference with a 1.550 spring retainer . sold them. reorded the H S. !! with the checking spring and adjustable pushrod and no shims the were scrubing .118 thou. towards the edge of the valve. Hughes sent me 2 rockers to check had them in 2 days . they are .058 shorter then the H S. roller tip to inside shaft putting them in better postion, the scrub with .030 shim puts the scrub at .049 on the center of the valve. Im happy got the kit cryo treated for about $250 more. spoke to Mike at B 3 the H S shafts needed .100 offset holes drilled plus the shim kit to correct that issue. I'm very happy with the decision and service . only made 2 phone calls. the instructions very much spell out the proper setup and Geometry you should have. Ball and cup no oiling thru the rods. I run the milodon dual line, have 70 lbs going thru the traps S R indy style oiling. These rockers say clear a 1.650 spring. I'm not a pro racer, not needing Jessel or T D.