Tunnel ram or no tunnel ram...

I took an oportunity to drive the car as the weather cleared for a few days.
I miss driving this car, finaly felt alive!

Did some work like, put split mono leafs and cal tracs, also seems to sit 1" lower in the back.
I'm surprised how well it launches even on cold surface.

Got some extra parts for the carbs like squirters at size 25 to start with and drill out to the size at which it works best. Currently I have 4x 35 in there. Also got cams for pumps, some blank BLP air bleeds for alternative metering blocks configuration etc. Crusing is very nice at 14.5 o2 and plugs look good but if I move my foot on the pedal o2 instantly shows 12.X.
Also I finally got uni sync and managed to synchronize the carbs. Now I can get away with around 950 rpm in park, which makes it around 850rpm in gear.

Also I got spintech mufflers to try out, very curious about the result.