Stop in for a cup of coffee

What an awesome day!
Avalanche dead. Grab battery from shop and plunk it in. If you have never handled bolts that are frozen to -35°celcius let me describe it. It feels like picking up a red hot bolt,at least that first milisecond before you realize its too hot and drop it. Fingers get numb, ears start burning as i was too dumb to put on a hat. Ya. Good times. Wifes car started though. Got Chevy running, bought a new battery for kids car and proceeded out onto highway. Get into city, keys are missing. Thats a bonus right there!
Turns out someone tried to jump the battery last night and forgot to give them back. Rounded up keys and the fob, from two different addresses. Yup, planning. Goes a long way. Short story long, got car running and promptly returned home so 7:00 am until almost 3:00 pm. I’m done. I hate winter