6.1 Hemi 69 Barracuda Fastback Father Son Project

It was epoxy primed and jammed when I brought it home in 2017 after all the metal work and body work was done.
In 2017 his shop rate was $85hr... Today it is $120hr That's a 41% increase thud4.gif

Going to have them:
1. Prime and Raptor liner the bottom side of the new tunnel.
2. Scuff, prime and repaint the engine compartment and Radiator Core support. Was painted but I made some new holes and filled some old ones...
3. Inside, they will scuff and apply the Lizard Skin Sound control and Thermal barrier to the firewall, floor and ceiling. I sourced the full Lizard Skin kit from Jegs.
4. Prep and paint the entire outside.

Should have an estimate back this afternoon. Been 6+ years since they did the original work.
Doing a little exploration first. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep it garaged and my Walmart tent is not completely dry underneath...

I'm setting the over/under for the estimate at $11,999.99 ++

My guess is $9,600 + tax + materials
I don't see 80hrs work but we shall see... m1708.gif

They did get right on it. The passenger side was blocking out pretty well.