6.1 Hemi 69 Barracuda Fastback Father Son Project

It was epoxy primed and jammed when I brought it home in 2017 after all the metal work and body work was done.
In 2017 his shop rate was $85hr... Today it is $120hr That's a 41% increase

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Going to have them:
1. Prime and Raptor liner the bottom side of the new tunnel.
2. Scuff, prime and repaint the engine compartment and Radiator Core support. Was painted but I made some new holes and filled some old ones...
3. Inside, they will scuff and apply the Lizard Skin Sound control and Thermal barrier to the firewall, floor and ceiling. I sourced the full Lizard Skin kit from Jegs.
4. Prep and paint the entire outside.

Should have an estimate back this afternoon. Been 6+ years since they did the original work.
Doing a little exploration first. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep it garaged and my Walmart tent is not completely dry underneath...

I'm setting the over/under for the estimate at $11,999.99 ++

My guess is $9,600 + tax + materials
I don't see 80hrs work but we shall see... View attachment 1716042212

They did get right on it. The passenger side was blocking out pretty well.

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How many times are they going to block and prime? If this is the first coat of primer after body work, I personally would do 2 more rounds of blocking/priming before paint. Then after paint they will need to color sand.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I see way more than 80 hours in this. I'd say it would take at least 2-3 days to block. Likely another day to mask and prime. Repeat this process two more times. The second and third block usually go quicker than the first. Next, it will need to be surgically cleaned and masked again for paint. That will likely take another full day. Then another day for paint, and a week or so of color sanding and buffing. This doesn't account for the sound deadening you want done. I'm betting you will have $5K in materials.
I'm genuinely curious what a paint job from a shop costs. I've always done my own and I recently did a full body work/paint from bare metal on a Porsche 911. I charged a fraction of what that shop rate is!