Any advice on my 440 recipe?

I have a question. Would a 7.5:1 compression 440 that made 427 lb-ft @ 2,500 rpm and 287 hp @ 4,400 rpm be any fun in a Dart with a 2,500 stall converter using 3.73 gears and 275/60/15 tires?

I think (just my BS talking) what he has on the drawing board will make more than that.
Not a mopar but, years ago had a 1977 chevy concours 305, 8.5:1 with a two barrel and 2.73 gear. Stock was 145 hp. Changed to 4 barrel and cam to edelbrock performer. If running engine out and manual shift from first to second would bark back tire at around 60 mph. Was not a race car by any means but was still a fun little car. So 287 hp with that stall and rear gear in a small car would still be fun.