Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

Same here gutted out the valves standard kelsey hayes on the front wilwood 4 piston on the rear using Baer proporting valve using Hydroboost locks all 4 in a hard brakes situation with Michelin Super sport tyres even with the manual brakes with a Baer 1 1/8 master the car stopped pretty well.
Only problem i found with the Hydroboost they stop the car so well from high speed the standard discs can get really hot ,also buns up front pads faster than standard which is understandable.
Found after fitting discs on the rear i have much better pedal feel as the old drum pads sit further away & allow more slave cylinder piston travel that the Hybroboost doesnt seem to like also the master cylinder piston rod length is critical to good pedal feel.