Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

Kern Dog, which way do you prefer for power assist, H/Boost or vacuum?
I can only attest to manual and vacuum boosted brakes. I wasn't able to get the Hydroboost setup to work. The HB unit never built up pressure despite several attempts to bleed it. Either the HB was defective or I was an idiot and couldn't figure out the right way to bleed it.
I have a 15/16" manual master cylinder in this car:

12" front brakes 2.75" single piston, 10" rear drums. It has a bit of pedal travel but has great feel and it stops quite well. I've had a few non power disc-drum Darts and Dusters and have always been impressed with them.
The other car has many differences. Bigger brakes, 4 wheel disc, vacuum boosted, bigger tires, heavier car....Its as if they are barely related.