FINALLY!! Fresh M/T ET Street S/S’s

About time. Finally! Seems like I’ve waited over a year for a set of these 255/60-15’s to be available. Called M/T early last year and they had no timeline but said they were working on supply. Watched the usual vendors over that period, yet nothing! Lo and behold I check Summit this past Wednesday and they show 1 left in stock. Son of a *****! Looked on eBay and found a set from

“McCormack Racing”

in Michigan. Better pricing than Summit and most others I’ve seen. Ordered and two days later they are in my shop. Kudus to McCormack for the excellent service and pricing (and FedEx not f’n up somehow)

Freshest tires for anything I’ve ever bought, car, truck or motorcycle: 50th week of 2022. Damn I thought they’d never make them again!
Ready for 2023!

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Interesting that Summit shows those tires as traction "C" while the BFG tires are "A". My rear BFG's have *terrible* traction!