6.1 Hemi 69 Barracuda Fastback Father Son Project

The estimate came back around 120 hours... not the 80 max that I was guessing.
It was blocked, primed, blocked, primed, a number of times and then jammed before I brought it home 6 years ago.
This is it when it came home April 2017. Engine compartment, trunk, interior and jams painted in the final color.
The outside received epoxy primer to seal it.

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I did create some re-do work by changing from 727 to 8HP70. New USCT Tunnel.
Thought I would be able to get it back sooner "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" but I got a little distracted.
Took about 3 years away from the Barracuda by buying another project... the 70 Challenger.
It tied up my Barracuda funds and my time. But I couldn't pass it up.
Selling it freed up funding for the Barracuda but it was more than a year wait to get back in to my painter's shop.
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Damn I was spot on! Add up my days and I come up with 15 x 8 hours a day = 120 hours. Considering I'm just a dude in his garage messing around, I'm happy to see I'm close to what a shop estimates. I hope they knock it out quickly for you and doesn't get stuck in paint jail.