360/380HP magnum crate motor value

Does it have R/T heads on it? Should say on left side of head near exhaust port.

At this point it's a once used magnum motor, taken out, then sat on stand for 18 years. The plus is that M1 intake, performance cam, and possibly R/T heads.

The R/T heads are not as desirable as used aluminum edelbrocks. But more desirable than used bone stock head.

  • It's lower? mileage core Magnum motor
  • performance cam,
  • M1 intake
  • R/T heads IF they are on it.

Prospective Buyer Concerns/Issues::
  • valve springs loosing rate
  • corrosion
  • probably should be torn down, inspected, new assembly lubed, and re-assembled.
  • Lack of build quality from Mopar Performance back in day
  • outdated cam specs, (low lift to work with stamped rockers)
  • low compression 9:1
  • Modern day availability of higher flowing aluminum heads
  • no hard proof that motor is currently in running condition
  • no hard proof that motor was in running condition when removed. (not calling you a liar. A random buyer knows nothing about you. Nor do you of them)
Not the R/T heads. So with all that info, what do you think I can sell it for.