FINALLY!! Fresh M/T ET Street S/S’s

IMO, No different than typical street radials, in the dry. Stiff sidewalls, handle in turns the same. I never drove in the wet and now I swap to them for track use only as they are so expensive and wear way too fast to drive around wasting them on the street anymore. But when I did run them on the street I could blow them up all the way to 3rd, from a stop or slower rolls, unless there was feathering of the throttle.
A 60/40 weight bias has some bearing. But my van would stay straight all the while and eventually hook. (Street radials it was/is always this: :steering:to the point of being terrifying as losing control is eminent)
Even with the drag radials for me Matting it was pointless. Stopped that nonsense and only did WOT runs from 2nd from moderate rolls and usually hooked. At the track as most know they dead hook with just a little heat in them out of the box. At least from my experience
Have you tried the M/T Pro's instead of the the S/S?
My buddy car swears by the Pro's, he said his S/S were like driving on ice in comparison.