Where are the Dart GoGo’s?

I’ve been following Ulf’s Dart Charger posts and his old newsletter since I bought my 65 Dart GT resto project (235hp/4speed, a.k.a. the Ferrous Oxide Express) in the early 2000’s. I didn’t even know that my high school car was a GoGo until Ulf pointed that out to me when I posted a picture of it. The car was a year old when I bought it off a used car lot in Oklahoma City, so I never saw any dealer literature, or anything like that. I was actually looking for a Barracuda Formula S, so I knew what the motor was. To me the Dart was better looking, had a great engine and trans combo - and I wanted the rally stripes.

In the last 20 years I have never seen a picture posted online of a Dart GoGo, other than a article or some of the promotion brochures and videos. Where are they? Has anyone else seen one in the wild? The Dart Chargers I have seen with rally stripes have mostly had the offset stripes shown on the convertible in the Dodge GoGo brochure. If someone knows a of a real, honest-to-god original GoGo out there with some history to prove its’ provenance I’d really like to hear about it or see some pictures. From what I can see, if Dart Chargers are rare, real GoGo‘s are unicorns.