Some M1 porting pictures and flow numbers

Yes yes yes… LMAO! “That Sound!”

Like anything new to you, there’s a learning curve to using a TQ. They’re odd by compare to a Holley. They’re not difficult IMO, well, most of the time for me. Sometimes I get a carb that just throws me for a loop. LOL It’s normally pretty much way out of adjustment which can be a PIA to restore sometimes. It’s not a difficult carb but learning it can be like all things new. A PIA.

The key is when you get one, is to go through the carb carefully and set all those little adjustments carefully. Bending the rods and making sure everything is where it should be is annoying until it’s right.

The hardest thing about a TQ is finding rods and nets to tune it. eBay has kits from time to time but they’re ridiculously expensive. Also realize the carb is a stock carb, not a race carb. It will never be as flexible or tunable as a Holley. The parts aren’t out there so home modifications are done for the more extreme cases. It depends on the end user how far they want to modify there TQ.

Once you get the hand of one, they’re not bad at all.

There warping of there phenolic resin middle is due to the mid ‘70’s emissions control system which also ran the engine hotter. The heat cycles were punishing for the carb back in the day. This caused the leaks and eventually the cracks. A lot of times people would use the paper thin gasket which is a no no for any carb IMO. From the factory the very thick gasket should be used. This helps prevent the heat soak and boiling fuel.

Once I have this up and going, it will be my first attempt to use a TQ on more of a race level than street or street strip kind of ride.

Thanks for the nfo... started thinking bout what carb i want to get for my pos.. looked at the AVS2 but will prolly end up with a normal holley type setup (I could swear i still have a 750 somewhere i can't find) i'm sure the newer ones like QFT and FST are better than the old standard holleys though..