440 Crank in a 383

Formula for volume of any cylinder is pi times r squared times h, where r is the radius and h is the height. Radius is half the diameter, and pi rounded off is 3.142 (or however many numbers you want to go out to, as pi is a never ending decimal).

For an automobile engine, the bore would be the diameter, and height would be the stroke, and, of course, you need to multiply the volume of one cylinder by however many cylinders the engine has.

You can start by dividing the bore by 2 and then squaring it, or you can square the bore and divide by 4. Same number either way. You can avoid remembering pi by using one of the formulas available online that mathematically combines various of these numbers. There's more than one such formula, because there's more than one way to combine the numbers. Downside is that you have to remember the formula. For me, it's easiest to remember (pi)(r squared)(h) times however many cylinders the engine has. But whatever floats your boat.

Any way you figure it, put a 440 crank in a standard bore 383 and you end up with 426 cubes.