Where are the Dart GoGo’s?

As far as I know, it wasn’t on the fender tag. The GoGo was an option package if I understand the brochure correctly. The car pictured above has the correct stripes but appears to have a white interior. Both cars shown in the brochure were yellow with black interiors. Both had the 13” Cragars that my car had. Nice looking car. You can see the tuned exhaust pipe sticking out under the rear gravel pan, so I’’m assuming it’s a 235hp car, although it doesn’t look like it has the small indent in the gravel pan. The fender tag for my coupe and convertible show the colors, interior, engine and transmission, but I don’t know if they were GoGo’s. Both were original yellow cars with black interiors and tops, the 235hp engine, 4 speed in the coupe and 904 in the convertible. I’m going to look for the picture I used in my avatar and try to post it. I’m attaching a picture of my convertible. The coupe is on life support and may not survive. When I put the Cragars on my convertible I had to go with 14 inch versions because the 13’s weren’t available. The 14’s are also all chrome.