Golf fans ?

I used to play every Sunday morning and some Saturdays before my kids were born.......then it got down to twice a month....then once a month....all the while my handicap slipped. Then one day I couldn't go because of work. My best index was 10.1 after playing regularly for about 5 years.
Managed to win one Club Trophy as a two rounds of Stableford over Easter in 1999.......absolutely blitzed the field. And of course my handicap plummeted - which is really the aim of the game.

I only get to play maybe once a year now if I'm lucky. I played in a Supplier Competition just before Covid hit in 2020.....second worst round out of the entire field of 150+ golfers.....went home with the biggest prize. Can't complain when you're no more than a 'Sunday Hacker', and go home full of free food and beers, and an $800 Stereo Speaker plus WiFi headset. :p

The headset was a prize because I always write my initials on my balls. One ball was found by a Sponsor Manager, and it was because it was out of far OOB it was nearly in another suburb. :lol: