Some M1 porting pictures and flow numbers

I have a question for you regarding the intake in post #40. Eric Weingartner has done a comparison recently of several intakes, about 8-10 of them. What is very noticeable among the single plane intakes is how far the runner dividers on some of them protrude into the plenum. Seems to be more than one school of thought as to exactly how far, if at all, the dividers should protrude into the plenum. In post #40 above, hardly any protrusion.
Have you done any before/after flow testing on this?

No testing on vane work alone. When you get into work like that you better be prepared to flow up to four runners and it hard enough to get four ports to flow close to the same. There is so much info out there on intakes especially today that it’s up to my customers to send me their choice of intake for their intended purpose and I’ll take a half decent intake and I’ll try my hardest to make it better. It’s been so long since I worked on my Super Victor I think that’s the last intake I did major vane work to. Shaping goes a long way towards getting you where you want to go. I was never interested in just flowing the intake by itself but boy that sure would be easier than mounting it to a head. I know it really opened my eyes years ago when I took a friend Chevy dart Platinum heads (cast iron) from 260 and got them pushing 320 only to bolt his Victor jr on and lose 40 cfm of the gain. He was a young engineer and loved to watch and when he saw that he was pissed. He told me to go ahead and port the Victor jr and he spent 400.00 (a lot back then) for the newest greatest Dart intake. Well I got the Victor jr done and we were now down to a 6cfm max loss which I showed him while he was here. I bolted the new Dart intake on and the loss was back to 40 lol. He was pissed and said will you port that one too. So I did and we got it as good as the Victor jr. The new latest greatest isn’t always that great.