NHRA TV Video Interview on My Stock Eliminator Wagon

It could be much cheaper if you pick a class that does not have many
fast cars in it and you do not need to be a top Alpha Dog!

I finished in the top 3 in the Division the first few years when I only had
about $6,000 (1995 Dollars) in my entire Demon. I had a small pickup
and an open trailer with a crew consisting of a 5 year old and a 12 year old
(Single Parent). I had the time of my life doing it!

My friend Mark races in Stock Eliminator an Escort that he probably has less than
$3,000. invested but a lot of time and effort and does well.

Another friend Gary just won last week a Stock/Superstock Combo in Tucson with a
Cavalier that he pulls on an open trailer with a small truck.

But I made a lot of enemies and I could not stand to see them beat me
Heads Up in class = So I opened up my mind and wallet for the next 30
years. It takes a lot of both of them!
Gosh, I bet that was fun!