Stuff I do while Truckin

Did you get the head fixed, or just having to nurse it along? Hang in there man!
Rebuilt head ,Clutch,rear seal,gaskets behind the block,carrier brg,new Ir compressor,dryer,and a dot inspection.So far this is the second time back for the air dryer.The 1st time I had to come back was for a water leak.Oh I forgot the cord to pull the air tank bleeders wasn't there either.They ended up draging on the ground.The mechanic forgot to hook them back up when he flushed the tanks of oil. I'm not happy.This place use to be top notch.I just got charged top notched....I'm at Redneck Diesel in Wilmer Tx.I had to bobtail down here from Little Rock.Its very slow right now and people are cutting rates.It happens every winter