Single Pattern vs Dual Pattern Camshaft

So would a thumper cam with a much wider duration variation work better than a typical split pattern cam with just a 6 or 8 degree split?
The sound is more so due to the narrow (numerically low) LSA.
The extra duration as said extends the lower band.
The thumper cam seems to work very well. I have one in my sons truck 360 engine now. It’s 10.5-1 w/RPM heads, 1-5/8 headers, chink air gap, 600 carb. Works well. Has a good upper rpm power.
Engine spins and pulls up until approximately 6500.

It has an intake duration @050 of 230*’s.

If it can actually use this extra duration, IDK for sure. How much is needed for a daily driver or mini hot rodded car, IDK