Schumacher shims

First off, HUGE shoutout to Schumacher. I bought my Tri Y's over a year ago, and did not realize it did not come with the shims as per website until recently. I mentioned it him asking if he could give me a break on shipping if I bought a set, instead he sent them for free shipping included! That is shipped to Canada which unless you use FedEx is expensive (for any Canadians here, use FedEx, dirt cheap clearing fees and fast)

Anyway, anyone have pictures on how these install? I could F up a handshake so just want to be sure and get some guidance.

My engine is in, and even with the cutout I am still really close with oil pump to K member clearance. It also sits a little low drivers side no matter how much I shift the whole thing around.

Also, any pics and thoughts on Schumacher Torque strap install would be great too!