Single Pattern vs Dual Pattern Camshaft

One thing not yet mentioned is what happens to the overlap cycle, which, the more generous it is, is gonna help power production.
Here's what I mean; take your generic hi-po street cam, say something around 270 degrees;
Make it a 270/270/110. Installed at split-overlap, the events are;
270/115/115/270/50 overlap/Ica of 65*
In the order of
now lets add 8*to the exhaust, to make it a split-pattern, and again install it on split overlap, the events are
270/117/109/278/54 overlap/Ica of 63*
compared to the Single pattern
270/115/115/270/50 overlap/Ica of 65*
You see what happened here? She gained 2 degrees of compression, lost 6* of extraction and gained 4* of overlap. Installed like this, this is a completely different cam!
Lets retime this split-pattern cam, to Ica of 65* like the single-pattern example, the events are;
270/115/111/278/54overlap/Ica of 65*
compared to the Single pattern
270/115/115/270/50 overlap/Ica of 65*
the intake and compression are now the same, but we traded away 4 degrees of extraction to get the additional 4 * of overlap; this being a good trade!
The front end is the same, but the extra overlap is gonna make a difference, with the loss of extraction making no real difference to power-production.
if that's true, lets tighten up the LSA to 108, which David Vizard says is correct for a 2.02 valved 360; and lets keep the Ica at 65*. This allows plus 2* intake duration so, The events are:
272/115/115/276/58 overlap/Ica of 65*
Compared to the single-pattern
270/115/115/270/50 overlap/Ica of 65*
What happened? For the same compression and extraction; we gained 2* intake duration, gained 6* of exhaust, which together gave us the extra 8* of overlap, which is about the overlap that you would typically expect on a cam at least one size bigger , but the Ica is still 65*, so no loss of low-rpm performance. That extra 8* of overlap is gonna make a lil more power thruout the rpm range, and make a nice lil bump-up over the nose.
this 272 cam begs to be advanced to better center the overlap. lets change the Ica from 65* to 63*, and the events are;
272/117/113/276/58/Ica of 63 *
compared to the Single-pattern;
270/115/115/270/50/Ica of 65*
oh yeah another good trade, and Ima liking that 272/276/108 split pattern..

jus saying.