what is this car?

A guy has one, along with a seventies beetle, about a block from my best friends house. Its parked in different spots when I go by, so he's driving it.
Also saw one at a tire shop here in Arizona a few months back, haven't seen it since.
What you NEVER see, Is a Kadett, like a buddy had in high school. I haven't seen one of those, in years!
(Many, MANY years ago, I had an Opel Rekord station wagon that I wanted to make a street rod out of. It would have made a killer gasser, but I didnt have the facilities or knowledge for that project at the time, and it went away. When I could have done it, a few years later, it was too late.)
yes the Kadette. there was a two door at an estate sale but the owner was supposedly taking it with him when he moved. that or the two door wagon would be cool. Remeber the Manta?