Tubing update for guys that tube and port their heads

The last time I bought 17/32 and 9/16 brass tubing I bought around 12 of each then I quit porting for customers so I had stuff on hand for years. Well with the work I’m doing this year I let myself run dangerously low. With two sets of Speedmaster heads ready to start on and probably another set Edelbrock heading this way next weekend I went to check my stock and I had a 1/2 stick of 9/16 tube. I drove to my first spot and they quit handling it, second stop one 9/16 and one 17/32. Third stop two 9/16 with the old number on it. And that brings me to this post. Guys have asked me the K&S number many times and it’s now 8140 instead of 140 and 8141 instead of 141. I would usually jump on Amazon and place an order but it’s 3.00 more per stick and it takes two of each to tube a pair of heads. I went to Ace Hardware online and ordered 155.00 worth to have delivered to my home. After driving 75 miles for four tubes heck on the free store delivery. I’ll pay the delivery fee.