Tubing update for guys that tube and port their heads

John, mind if I ask, what is the name of the puddy you us to coat the brass tubing before you tap them in the head also what size drill bit to drill out the pushrod hole for the tubing? Thankyou very much, Red

I drill the heads bolts out to 9/16 on my drill press and hand drill the pushrod holes to 17/32. Make sure they slide in by hand but not sloppily. I mix up enough JBWELD to do one head and just put a very thin coat around the end of the tube I am pushing in and drag one thin line down apart of the tube away from the pinch where I will be grinding. As up tap it in it spreads itself. I usually put a chamfering bit in a hand drill and chamfer the two head bolt holes I drilled so I know I didn’t leave a ridge. Remember don’t mix a lot as it takes like a one inch thin line of epoxy and hardner side by side before mixing. I’ll usually slide like a 7/16 bolt in the 9/16 tubing so I can tap it softly with a ball peen hammer and not damage it.