logsplitter EV conversion

thanks for all the replies guys
the main reason i want to do this is to get something quiet, and well, it sounds like a fun lil project

(you guys ever watch some of the DIY logsplitter videos on youtube? some of those are brutal)

1.5 horse isn't very big. Not sure the torque output on the gas motor but I suspect a 3 horse electric motor is closer to what you would find in a light duty residential log splitter.

The hot tub motor is just moving water, not really doing any work with said motor
i guess thats where i dont fully understand how this whole deal works
isnt the pump just moving oil ?

but it is blatantly obvious that 1.5 HP is quite a bit less then 5.5
but it is what i have, and if i had to go out and buy a new one that would sink this idea before it even takes off

Ear muffs would be a lot easier! I wear them while using our wood splitter. The wood inventory control specialist (wife) wears them too. She thinks they work a lot better than they actually do, because when she yells and asks me something, I just mouth the words without using my vocal cords during the reply!

thats hilarious...sounds like something we would do
i actually do most of my splitting and stacking along or with the boy

specially when im alone i wear my worktunes (ear muffs with bleutooth speakers build in) and just jam out

For hydraulics the Rule of thumb is:
1 HP is required for each 1 gpm @ 1500 psi
gpm = gallons per minute
ex: a 5 gpm pump operating at 1500 psi would need 5 hp or at 3000 psi would need 10 hp.

The Formula is; HP=PSI x GPM / [1714 x 0.85]
At the minimum you would need the operating pressure of the system and the gpm of the pump.
a schematic of the system would also be helpful also. [pump info, valve(s), relief settings, cylinder size etc]
Flow = speed
Pressure = force
you are essentially reverse engineering the hydraulic system.
Hope this helps.
i will run out to the shed later and see if i cant find some info on the pump
(i dont recall seeing anything on there, but i havent really looked for it so who knows)

i do think its a pretty decent little machine
when i bought it a few years ago it needed a new cylinder so i might be albe to find that info