logsplitter EV conversion

thanks for all the replies guys
the main reason i want to do this is to get something quiet, and well, it sounds like a fun lil project

(you guys ever watch some of the DIY logsplitter videos on youtube? some of those are brutal)

i guess thats where i dont fully understand how this whole deal works
isnt the pump just moving oil ?

but it is blatantly obvious that 1.5 HP is quite a bit less then 5.5
but it is what i have, and if i had to go out and buy a new one that would sink this idea before it even takes off

thats hilarious...sounds like something we would do
i actually do most of my splitting and stacking along or with the boy

specially when im alone i wear my worktunes (ear muffs with bleutooth speakers build in) and just jam out

i will run out to the shed later and see if i cant find some info on the pump
(i dont recall seeing anything on there, but i havent really looked for it so who knows)

i do think its a pretty decent little machine
when i bought it a few years ago it needed a new cylinder so i might be albe to find that info
Think of it as the difference between paddling water and then trying to push water through a hose and make something move on the other end. Even in the hot tub, the pressure at a jet might be 5 psi. The pressure in your log splitter is probably 2000 psi. Granted, you're getting mechanical advantage to work in your favor via pumps and piston sizes but the fact remains: making water move around a hot tub is little more than glorified splashing, but the splitter is trying to make mechanical parts move through serious resistance.

And no, mechanical engine horsepower and electric motor horsepower don't really equate to one another. They do but they don't.