Dual quad info

Ok getting back to the DQ while still moving fwd on the Restart the rebuild thread.
I figured I may as well test the DQ on the 273. With the huge port mismatch to the xheads, this intake wont go on the 340. So 273 it is.
I decided to give it a gentle clean up with burrs and rolls. Got rid of a decent amount of flash.
Also got felpro 1243 gaskets, no way in hell 1213 would work.
Black marker on ports is 1213's, orange is 1243.
Lucky this has coil stand too. The 6pack style from the LD4B wouldn't fit.
I was using Edelbrock spacer 9266, not sure if I'll use them or not. More surface area on intake would mean cooler?
Hit the hardware store tomorrow for heim joints and 5/16 threaded rod.
LD4B is being a ***** to remove with the RTV on rear China wall lol.
Anyone run stock style throttle cable? Have lots of mocking up to do.
I can see this is gonna domino lol.
Before tearing apart I fired her up to make sure fuel/ Eddy carb was good. Then removed Eddy and installed orig Carter to make sure it was half *** tuned in lol. So 2 running carbs. I'll run a choke on rear carb as it will be primary carb.
Hope to be able to set up progressive.