Dual quad info

A friend has dual quads on the 318 in his '68 Coronet 440 sedan--yep, a 4-door--with a bolt-action 3-speed. 100% stock except the intake, right down to the single exhaust. It's a total cobblef__k: home-grown 1:1 linkage with an Edelbrock AFB up front and a 340 AVS on the back. He literally put it together with crap he had lying around. And it works... surprisingly well, in fact. It never stumbles or hiccups. When he stabs it, it's right now. Obviously the car's no rocket, but it's considerably more fun than it was with the two-barrel.

It's also a blast to see the confused looks on people's faces while they try to process a very-original '68 four-door with a three-on-the-tree and dual freakin' quads.