dyno session

That's bad ***, Mine is just a shell being built in my garage.
Weather is getting better so progress will be made. My goal for mine is 10.00 .
I need to start a thread I guess.
all in time. I learned years ago from the old guys " pay attention to the details" good things will happen with time! 10: 00 is a fun ride!
I`d turn the oil pressure down to 70 psi ,more hp. I run 70 at 7200rpm

And what type of rocker is being used, how much valve spring load there is and probably a couple of things I’m forgetting.

At 8500 I was at 105 psi and it made more power than at 90 psi.

The bushed rockers and 800 plus over the nose didn’t like the lower oil pressure.

Oh yeah, the cam bearings looked better with the pressure up there too.

If you have needle bearing rockers you can run a bit less pressure. Maybe.
I have the Huges set up no bearings. Its a dual line milodon. last year normally I came thru the traps at 76 lbs at 6700 with 30-50 weight oil once it was hot! cold oil would go over 100 lbs. Ive had this system for 7 years no issues with bearing. Dont know if there's a hp loss but I will look into after I get the car back together and dialed in. Not in a rush to make any changes till that point. springs are set up by Porter racing. Confident its all good.