David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

Dont forget the REAL premise of the build is to attract "veiws" and "clicks" on YouTube channels so the guys can build up there channels for easy money. It is a lucrative business making money off morons!
It reeks. The Chevy n the Ford guy are going to show them Mopar folks how it's done. Lmao. You got it pinned. These bigger content creators always have feelers out for ideas/the next thing...then go rob the idea ,turning it into a circle jerk pass around to pick up subscribers and views for each other's channels. They all walk away with money. It's like property investors it's Street vendors versus commercial restaurants.lol on one aspect. They have the money to do it and they have the time more so..to steal and be unoriginal with a dash of condescending and rivalry.
How much has Tony been bashed on here right? How much has the 302 head been overblown on here...and even some youboob channels..
So pants crapper McGee decides to do a collaboration with some Aussies and we had a couple Aussies on here bragging about some other guys Time Slips...
Timing is impeccable.