David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

I deleted my own post, not worth answering. You enjoy yourself now..
@MOPAROFFICIAL - I’ve been trying to PM you.

You’re carrying this way off the deep end. Relax, smoke a blunt, have a beer, repeat!

Good lord man! I’m not trying to insult you but you do come off as very negative and often make disparaging and insult of comments not to mention some that have absolutely no place in the thread. Do not worry about the threads direction and what’s being posted. Seriously, it’s kind of absurd. Your behavior, it’s absurd.

Now go back to the top and re read what I put in bold.

And now your 2 for 2 on posts getting wacked! NICE!

Go relax and come back and play nice.

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