David Vizard, Uncle Tony's garage, Unity motorsport. Mission impossible Dodge 302 Head porting

I deleted my own post, not worth answering. You enjoy yourself now..
Self wacking …. Very good …. I’d say you’re correct on answering your posts. It never ceases to amaze me how low you’ll stoop in insulting others and there loved ones in the mist dirty dastardly way without care or concern for them or how it makes you look.

I wasn’t trying to start with you but on you come like a locomotive on fire falling out of the sky blaring red hot and steam that would make a dragon blush and attempt to hide its head due to the shame of not being able to keep up with you.

You take thing to far, twist words around, invent scenarios, create issue that are not even there.

We all know you feed off of this and enjoy the limelight while you go off foul mouth for your own enjoyment of the endorphins released.

You lower your own credibility in a way I could never achieve and while your doing this, you smile with pride at yourself because you out insulted and twisted everything up to suite you and only you.

Seek counseling!

Have a great night.