Anyone local to me capable of correcting errors on a 904 race build

It had reverse with brake engaged , no forward gears I took it to local well-respected shop with a trans dyno, they can make it work I'm sure

Why because , from the day I send him the money to build it , it took months and months to receive it (believe it was 8 months) and after all this time, its a leaking , not working pos ..

I'm over him and his workmanship and non customer service

I would like to hear his side before I pass judgment. like I said he has been in business a long time, has a great reputation( many more satisfied than dissatisfied). and find it very hard to believe he isnt making an effort to make it right. I have been in business as long as he has, this the exact reason why I do not sell "over the counter" units any longer. today its too easy to sit behind a key board and call people names
posts like this never resolve anything.
business is business and should be resolved as such.