The sellability of our early “A” body cars

RegularJay. The reason i dont drive it is because i love playing golf so that takes most of my weekday time. On weekends to keep peace in the family i travel to the beach so my wife can enjoy sun and sand. I myself would rather stay home on weekends but its something she really enjoys. This doesnt leave a lot of car time.

I put all quality parts into this car. Most of everything was bought new so i know i wont get all my money back out but i wont give it away. I dont expect to get my time back out of it thats for sure. Im going to sit down and make a list of all the parts and improvements ive put in and try to get a close idea on money spent then i guess ill decide if i should sell and what kind of pricing i might ask.
I appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you,
The informed people that know what it takes to build a car would understand your asking price. The ones that don't understand are just tire kickers or flippers wanting to steel it so they can make a buck.