W2 Heads (long valve)

I saved these from a very dusty existence !
Believed to be 2nd production run of W2's.
Ported by Ryan. (advertised at 320cfm)
Chambers were plunged for piston clearance.
2.08/1.60 5.312 OAL
PAC Beehives (1255x) installed at 1.850 180# seat / 430# open (.600)
Comp 10° Retainers
Crower machined locks
Manley spring cups (.062)
Comp seals
These heads got a lot of love. Cleaned, fresh VJ, updated springs, and fresh primer n paint (w/hardener)
just bolt them on ! $2500 Plus shipping (shipping is stupid crazy anymore.. open to suggestions)
(heads ONLY)
located in Turlock, ca. (willing to meet part way, for a reasonable distance )