67 twin turbo dart

I know I might get some flack about this, but driving around tuning I noticed the hood insulation started to melt off in the two corners of the hood circled in red, due to a lot of trapped heat, thinking of adding some vents there, two types one metal and can weld them in, shown are the ones that came on my sons car, will get some smaller ones or can do vents that fit inside the rear triangle openings and just go with abs plastic like the hood scoop. Thoughts?? Auto tuning is coming along had my oldest helping me last Sunday till the left font and left rear brakes lines seeped a little and had a soft brake pedal, but now tuning to 87 on street and got up to 4 grand so I'll keep getting higher just need to find longer back roads for safe pulls.

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Heat is a *****. I usually drive it with the hood off.